Fashion Frenzy is a game for all members and its quite hard to complete game.But I've noticed some stuff that will help you...anyway I always use these hints and my store works 14 days....(please notice that they are my personal hints! so if you wanna post them on your site ask my permission first and dont post them before you will get my answer)1)Never! open new store until basic ones(bottoms,purses,shoes) will be at least 2-3 stars)2)try to upgrade basic stores to 4-5 stars before opening anything new(the problem is that when you finally upgrade them all to this level you will have too much customers for 3 stores so you may loose so this tip is quite hard to use,right?)3)try to not forget about customers that havent served yet-if you will forget about them you may loose-they low your happy customers bar much more quickly then already served customers giving you new % of this bar4)when happy customers bar is quite low (30-40 %) dont even think of new shop/update of existing some ad firstly to boost happy customers bar to better level....5)think before doing anything!very common scene,dont u think?:customer 1 wants shoes and are picking shoes.customer 2 wants shoes too but she has to wait before customer 1 will finish shopping.....I guess thats all..not pretty much but these tips must help you to run ur store for 14 days....

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