BGirls BCentral

B Central was the starting point of all users on Barbiegirls, where they arrived when they logged in.


B Central had pink tiles and you had several options to where you wanted to go, directly from B Central by clicking on the following:

Advertisement: Shop-A-Malics

Billboard: Infomation about that feature / news (Only accessible from B Central)

Avatar: Edit your avatar

Blimp: Buzz & Goss (Only accessible from B Central)

Purple Door: Games

Sign 1: Your room

Sign 2: Other online user's room


Many announcements were made from B Central, popular ones include: 'Shop in my room please come' and (towards end of Barbiegirls) 'Keep Barbiegirls! Keep Barbiegirls!'

At the realse of the game 'Litter Blast,' many users walked around B Central, among other places, in a row, all wearing green clothing, saying enviromentally-friendly encouragments and tips. Anybody that joined them got given a reycle bag from the user that started it. 

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