Many avatar choices were avaliable on Barbiegirls, more if you were a VIP.


On the left side, was what you avatar currently looked like. The options were hair, clothes and accessories. You could also choose to print or to save. It was first thought that by printing the avatars, you could put them on your Barbiegirls MP3 Player as paper clothes, but then it was discovered that they were much too large.

Club BeautyEdit

Hairs and accessories avaliable only at Club Beauty could not be choosen and once you selected something else of that type, they were gone until you got them again at Club Beauty. Your makeup could not be changed outside Club Beauty and nails could not be seen at all.

  • Barbie's Official Outfit
  • Barbie's Official VIP Outfit
  • Bee Halloween Costume
  • Camping Outfit
  • Outfit with 'Team Skater Boy' tee
  • 'Cutie' Fashionsta
  • Regular Outfit
  • Regular Outfit
  • Valentines Day Outfit
  • Holiday Outfit
  • Outfit with 'Inspire' Tee
  • Sassy Fashionsta Outfit
  • Back-to-School Outfit
  • Summer Outfit
  • Vamprie Halloween Outfit
  • Wild Fashionsta Outfit

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